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Silent Saturday 2023

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

In silence we weep

The loss is too much to bear

Did we misjudge Hope?

[4.8.23 silent saturday]

As I was reflecting on the silence that must have been deafening after Jesus death, I sat and pictured myself amongst his disciples and his mother. The despair. The questions. The anger. The doubt. It felt overwhelming to say the least. Knowing in your heart that this is God who will rescue you... and yet, his lifeless body laying in a tomb.

In recovery, I've learned a lot about resentment. Especially that expectations are the foundation for resentment. If I'm not staying fully present in the Presence I will not only start losing Hope, but I'll also start trying to take control back... and both of these things only lead me to suffering and spiraling.

Today, as you reflect upon the silence of the in between times... listen to what starts coming up for you. Are you able to sit in the silence and still have Hope that you are right where you're supposed to be? Do you start to become fidgety and feel the need to move or fill the silence with something? How can you use the silence and still honor it without taking control? Where in your body do you feel the silence most deeply? What do you think God is saying to you about this? Where can you bring this Holy Silence into your daily routine?

I pray you are filled with Peace despite the grief, Hope amidst the despair, and Unconditional Love that meets you right where you are.


I painted this this morning while reflecting. I love how mistakes often end up making the piece. My intent was just to show the darkness, sacrifice, and elements. And then a tomb appeared.

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