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Overdose Awareness Day 2016

Sitting here with tears in my eyes remembering someone I lost to addiction... and how close I've come to losing others... and all those I know who still struggle with it everyday.

My life changed on January 8th 2015.

It was shaken so badly that I'll never be who I was before that day again.

Today I live a sober lifestyle.

I live a life of compassion for others who struggle from addiction and mental illness. I am here, by the grace of God, as a reminder of hope to those who think recovery isn't possible.

I am here to inspire you to get help if you are struggling. And I am here to change the world and break stigmas against addiction and mental illness.

Please, please, please... reach out to someone if you need help.

I know the pain of grief from losing loved ones to addiction and depression.

I don't wish it upon anyone else.



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