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Emotions - Boredom

I always find it interesting, as I continue to learn what being a human looks like, how many emotions jumble together and we usually list them as just one thing. This week we'll talk about boredom and most of the emotions that come alongside it. In all honesty, before reading up on boredom, it would always bother me when people would say they are bored. I'd think to myself: "I wish I had time to be bored," or "Being bored is being lazy... I have so many things I want to do!" Today, I am a little more knowledgeable and know that, just like most things in life, boredom can be viewed on a scale. On one end lies the more healthy, hopeful state of boredom, whereas the other end is crippling and hopeless. And as always, I found scripture that sides with the science of it all.

image of a handout discussing boredom and scripture to help us break free from the unhealthy kind
boredom handout

Quotes and other information this week are taken from the following:

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