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March Mindfulness

Instead of joining the "March Madness," I invite you to participate in a month full of mindfulness. I have created a calendar with one mindful activity per day to focus on and practice, as well as a handy handout with instructions for the more in-depth practices. If you're a journaler, take note at the beginning and after each practice, so that you can review your progress, but also what works well for you and what is less helpful. Mindfulness is one of those things that really doesn't make a whole bunch of sense at first and you may feel frustrated not seeing immediate results. I promise you, if you remain persistent with the process, you will prevail. I would love to hear your thoughts on how this affects your wellness. Please email me with any stories throughout the month or breakthroughs or even breakdowns. You can also schedule a time with me for Spiritual Direction, where we can incorporate mindfulness techniques into your session.

May your March be emptied of madness and pain, and be filled with mindfulness and peace.

Click below for the handy handout:

Download PDF • 176KB


Scripts and other notes were collected from the following:

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