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Soulfest 2017

1. i am forgiven. i need to freely forgive others. it's also my privilege and duty to remind others they are forgiven too.

2. thinking too much about myself, my appearance or what others think of me, takes up too much head space.

3. i am not alone. you are not alone. we are not alone... ever.

4. my default emotion is love.

5. i am priceless and deserve to be treated as such.

6. i am here today because of mercy and grace.

7. dancing in the storm is cleansing and healing.

8. it's not over yet.

9. i can start again, right now.

10. when i freely give myself, new, unimaginable things come into focus.

11. i feel most at ease and happiest when i am free and allow myself to surrender and let go.

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