What is a Spiritual Director?

A Spiritual Director:

  • creates a safe place for a person to share their sacred story 

  • listens with intent to the directee as well as the Spirit

  • focuses on the directee's personal experience to help them become more aware and beholden of the Spirit’s presence already at work in their life

  • helps a person contemplate, discern, and grow in intimacy with the Spirit 


A Spiritual Director is NOT:​

  • pastoral counseling

  • psychological counseling

  • advice or false reassurance

  • developing "the right" beliefs or behaviors

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a sacred conversation where movement and awareness of the Spirit are recognized and accompanied. Because we are all connected through Love and are called to a higher purpose, I will listen to the movement of the Spirit while holding a safe, sacred space for awareness to present itself. This space allows for connection and trust to become the foundation where one can awaken to the lived experience of God in all areas of their lives: love, pain, and everything in between. 

Spiritual Direction is a guide for one to create their own map on the journey through healing, life transitions, loss and grief, times of discernment, vocational options, addictions and recovery, health concerns or illnesses, feeling disconnected or spiritually undone... any situation where one experiences a crisis of faith or finds themselves wanting to delve more deeply into their spiritual life.

Check out this great article from Ignatian Spirituality if you're still unclear. 

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How to begin Spiritual Direction?

Pray! Contact me at the phone number or email address below or click here to make an appointment online. We will meet either in person or online for an initial conversation, with no fee or commitment. At that time, we will discuss your expectations for Spiritual Direction, talk about some basic background information, and what I can offer you in this professional setting. If you decide to proceed with Spiritual Direction, we will set up a time to meet monthly for about an hour each session. I am currently in my practicum period prior to certification, so there are no fees for our meetings. Confidentiality and other professional covenants will be discussed at our initial meeting, as well as any other questions you may have.