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Cristina Marie Ferri

spiritual director| chaplain | sober unicorn

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who i am

My mission is to inspire women:

  • transitioning out of incarceration

  • trying to get/stay sober

  • recovering from emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual trauma

  • feeling broken and lost

and remind them that God is with us and loves us exactly where we are and as we are,

and to give them a safe place to process all of this. 

I have many layers, which God is always revealing to me & renewing me.

I feel that being transparent is the only way to love myself and in turn love others well. 

I am in recovery from substance use disorder, nicotine, codependent relationships,

family trauma, perfectionism, sexual trauma & Christianity.

I have been diagnosed and am in treatment for Persistent Depressive Disorder,

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD Combined & Binge Eating Disorder.

I share my story and use my growing edges, weaknesses & awakenings as stepping stones,

so that others may know the grace that has found me.​


Cristina Ferri is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Spiritual Director & a person in long-term recovery. With a background in Psychology, she is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Divinity at Kairos University. Cristina seeks to create a safe environment for one to speak and be heard without judgment. She has a passion for working with people in recovery and applying her experience in trauma-informed crisis intervention, recovery coaching, and mindfulness meditation into her ministry. Creatively, she loves to reach mind, body & spirit by bringing awareness to the five senses using different art practices combined with tried and true spiritual practices.  As a native New Englander, Cristina experiences God’s presence and grace throughout the natural beauty of the region as well as through her two fur-babies, Buddy Barktholomew & Louie Ruffalo.


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"And in His Will is our peace"

Dante degli Alighieri

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